Project № B2.9a.09 “Policies For Enhancing Access to Health Services in Deprived Areas” /The Healthy Municipality/ is financed under INTERREG V-A Greece- Bulgaria 2014-2020 Cooperation Programme and contributes to the program priority Axis 4: A socially inclusive cross-border area, Investment priority 9a: Investing in health and social infrastructure which contribute to national, regional and local development, reducing inequalities in terms of health status, promoting social inclusion through improved access to social, cultural and recreational services and the transition from institutional to community-based services. 

The project objectives are being reached in a cross-border approach, primarily because of the common geographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the remote cross-border areas, secondly, because of the lack of health coverage in those areas, the difficult access of the local people to medical help, meaning that the early diagnosis of the diseases is particularly low whereas prevention is missing.
The overall objective of the project is the designing and introducing of prevention policies at Municipality level to the remote CB areas. As such the project pursues on investigating morbidity causes, development of population morbidity maps and formulation of policies for its reduction, on investigating the access to and the degree of needs’ coverage of health services in partner areas, on locating vulnerable groups and taking measures for enhancing their prevention support.

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